Monday, December 14, 2015

Nov. 23, 2015 Mari's baptism

        Mari :)

This week we were blessed with maris baptism :) 

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She is the one one the left. and that's her granddaughter (also trying to be baptized ...) 

So this week was really turned towards preparing her. so lots of little lessons with her. Also we are working on getting people to go to church. 2 people showed up out of no where this week and they are related to members and now we are going to work with them :) NTM!!!!!!! haha. 

Inline image 5

This is the new elder in our zone. his name is Elder dos Santos. He´s chill. This is his first pizza in the misson. We're doing well in the zone but its all going down hill. The new people weren't as turned to the mission as the last ones. So we have some work to do. 

This is my week. sorry they are so short. really i just do the same thing everyday. And its talk with a bunch of Brazilians. 

Lots of love from brazil!
Elder Sullivan

p.s. no i didn't have to pay him to put that shirt on ;)

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