Monday, December 14, 2015

Nov. 2, 2015 wire cutters,a nose piercing, 2 baptisms, and my zone

         ZONA BATIZADORA!!!!

Yup! that's right everyone. I'm super proud of my zone. We hit 10 baptisms this month! The next zone that baptized had 8. We destroyed! This weekend the zone had 4 baptisms and my area had 2 of them! Gus and his brother Rod got baptized. That put up a fight but when they walked in with white shirts and ties (provided by dead missionaries) and without a piercing, there wasn't anything anyone could have said to stop it from happening. It was super great :) The baptism was good and they really liked the clean feeling afterward. Satan was trying super hard this week with Gus. Seemed like every other girl wanted to go over to his house. But he is super strong and locked himself inside. What a champ :)

Basically this week was that right there. a lot of stress to see if we couldn't have gotten in the 4 baptisms and working really closely with Gus and Rod. 

Im noticing that my emails are really kinda GH (gloria dos homens = mans glory) but really its all thats worth saying ;) haha 

I'm starting to make some plans on how i can motivate the zone to keep going. We are making plans to get December on its way to make it so we can baptize weekly. So far its going well. But i was complimented greatly by the assistants and that was a little better than being burned. Im going to keep this up haha ;)

com muito amor,
Elder Sullivan

My beloved zone :)

have you ever taken out a piercing with wire cutters?

me either....

until it finally happened haha ;)

that thing is pure steel. super hard to cut!!!!

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