Monday, December 14, 2015

Oct. 19, 2015 golden baptism

         Ama got baptized! :)

This week has been pretty good. I had to go back to the federal police department and get my visa renewed. Don't worry. They will only kick me out of here on the 28th of may haha. But it was a good little throwback to when i had gotten here in brazil. 

My new companion is pretty cool. we have had a lot of good times already and he is helping me a little with the language. Staying with 2 americans over 6 months can kill whatever type of accent they had before. He likes telling everyone im an american to see if that makes them listen even more. haha its pretty funny to see the expressions on their faces and hear them ask, "What are you doing here?" haha. 

This week we worked hard to get a baptism in. Ama got baptized!! whooo!!! she was a reference from a member and she progressed so well and really was one of the easiest baptisms I've had. Like.. I didnt have to do the contact.. she doesnt work.. she went to church every week, she marked the BoM and accepted the date super easy. Whatever we tell her to do she does it. Like... super elect. Our next goal will be to take her to the temple to baptize her ancestors. :)

We had the Dessert Night in our ward that the missionaries put together. It was a success. We had about 50 - 60 people show up and we played a fun chair switching game and also had a really good message about being friendly. We also had 8 visiters that the members had brought. So they were our judges. We bought way too much soda and so we ended up taking about 16 liters of Dolly guaraná home. Dolly is like that cheap off brand soda that only the poor people get. we are poor so we just got that. We have been drinking so much this last week haha

I hope you have a good week. :) 
Elder Sullivan

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