Monday, December 14, 2015

Nov. 9, 2015 the finding week

        Plans for a white christmas.

This week is the week to shine :) I had a really good vision of the zone and where i want them to be by December. We are planning on how we can get in 25 baptisms in DECEMBER!!!! There is no other zone that has come close to this. We are making a lot of plans. This week was the "finding week" 160 contacts. President said only 140 so we are bumping it up a little to get a little steroid boost in to help us find FAMILIES. Yes. the only way that we can baptize so many is only if we find families. Just think. If Everyone in the zone finds 2 families of at least 3 people its game over. Its a great vision that we have and this week the zone did 808 contacts. That's 160 per area. Only one area didn't get it but everyone else helped out with the rest of theirs by doing a little more.

This week we will be finding the people to teach and marking them for the 6th of December already. 15 new investigators! Should be great. We already have a few families planned for this day. but we are going all out on this idea and helping everyone else see our vision. This weekend we had 4 baptisms in the zone and 3 more planned for this weekend :) We are killing it. :) GH!!!!!!!!

As a reward for a good job we had a special PDAY today and we had breakfast at the chapel and played a few games and we had a lot of fun :) Sorry i dont have pics. i had forgotten my memory card at the lan house..... 

We had mission leadership council and that was about the same thing that happened when Moses went up to Mount Sanai to get the commandments. President was in Recife to get a training and so he wasn't there. Talk about making a golden calf haha. That was the worst thing that has happened in my life. The assistants didn't have any power but wanted all of it. It was crap. 

Thats basically the week. we are working with a lot of families now so it should be going better. 

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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