Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 15, 2015 a number 2 day

          week by week

Hello everyone. This week went by fairly slow but we still survived until pday haha. 

Not much happened this week. we were still trying to keep up with losing our pday last week to email and buy things so it took a little for the week to get going. but we were still able to visit our investigators. They are doing well but its getting hard for them to keep the commitments we are leaving with them. 

This week we both fell sick. my stomach was churning and elder williams had a pretty bad head ache and a sore throat. so we stayed home one day and rested and caught up on sleep and energy. really that pday nap makes a diffence in the week. also its getting really cold here so that makes the work more fun. People here in brazil have 3 temperatures. 1. too hot to go outside. 2. too cold to go outside. 3. just right so everyone is outside. haha today is one of the number 2 days!

today lunch will be mcdonalds. man i really love this area for the amercanism that it has. bunch of fast food and a lot of people speak english. Like even my ward has an american in it haha. (yes we are planning something for the 4th of July with him :) ) 

really thats all for this week. maybe next week ill do something cooler :)

Elder Sullivan

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