Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 13, 2015 cheap all-you-can-eat doesn't mean "good" or "safe".


Yup! Im getting outta here! I got transfered to Zona Campo Limpo! Só que.... i didnt ever want to go to this zone haha. Its got a lot of favela and a lot of funk in there so it was a place i wanted to avoid. But Its a zone that baptizes thats for sure! Ill be continuing as a Zone Leader and i have made some pacts with myself that im going to be a better leader and a better example to those around me. Also i am going to start speaking more portuguese (Which will be hard cause my companion will be american again). My companion will be Elder Phair!!! He was in my zone 1 transfer ago as a District Leader when he turned into a Zone Leader. Now we will be working together better. So it should be a fun experience. Im stoked to get out of this area im in now. 

We have a pretty big problem in our ward that really shouldnt be a problem. Our members are marking our investigators for baptism. That is usually good but when the investigators arent ready for it its a big problem. So we have now lost 2 investigators thanks to our members "marking them" for baptism. Its a lot of pressure and they werent expecting it. So that sucks. Ive talked to bishop about it and he said he´d talk to everyone. 

We found a really good man this week. I wont say golden cause everytime that turns out not happening. He is really cool and went to church this week. Only problem he has is the Word of Wisdom. He is 31 and lives with his parents and just has had problems with drugs. He is trying to change is life and his parents are supporting us going over there 100% haha. 

This week President Del Guerso told us to start studying about the atonement. Thats some serious power right there. We are getting ready to get another apostle in our mission and he told us to start preparing. (We think President is going to go 70 haha) Ive been using true to the faith and marking all the scriptures and ill be going to the TG here shortly. I invite you to do this too :)

I had a split with Elder Cinezio this week that was way cool. Its way more fun being his companion when you can understand everything haha (he was the missionary that trained me). That was a really good experience and i learned a lot from him still. 

Oh and just so you know.. cheap all you can eat food doesnt mean that it will be good. or safe. so be careful ;)

Elder Sullivan

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