Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015 a wealth of people to teach in a not-so-wealthy area


Yup i got here. its awesome. the area is fantastic. Ive always wanted to go to an area where there was always a lot of work done and lots of people to teach. and well.. i got here :)

we have about 15 recent converts on our side of the area. so we are constantly over at a house and working on going to the temple. the other thing is that this area is so great that we have 8 baptisms planned in the zone. so really its a complete turn around from vila yara. Im loving it here.

We had a talent show and me and my companion played the spirit of god on our guitars and everyone loved it. It was pretty chill and we practiced a lot. 

My companion is Elder Phair. He is really cool and teaches really well. ill be killing him in this area cause hes going home in 2 transfers. So ill be in this area for a while now :) im alright with that. He is from Chicago area and served in wisconsin fro 10 months before he got to brazil. 

not a ton happened this week. we went to the temple today and thats why im emailing today. :)

with love,
Elder Sullivan

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