Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015 "it's too true to deny so keep with it."

          hitting the wall

This week was really eventful but i dont have a lot of time to say all i want. So really brief and cut short here we go....

We took a member to one of our lessons and he said its not worth going to church if shes not going to be baptized. so she didnt go this week. Trust me we tried to fix that but it stuck with her. what did i learn? its not worth a member lesson. haha

We had conselho. That was fun and a lot of fire haha

we had a few family nights this week where we had to unwrap BIS with a knife and fork. that was fun and really competitive. That is how we celebrated our 4th of July.. really we didnt do anything...  but on the 5th we did have an american breakfast for lunch :)

Today i finished O Livro de Mórmon for the first time in portuguese. i started on the new year and i finished a year from the day that i left the CTM. So that was pretty specail. By the way its too true to deny so keep with it. :)

That about all i got for this week. sorry it was short. Have a good week!

Elder Sullivan

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