Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 22, 2015 fighting off death

          life as a líder (leader)

wow this whole Zone Leader thing is turning out to be a whole nother thing. Just others problems that you are responsible for. and its sooooo awkward to be there saying hey... ya you gotta change. No one likes hearing that. But lets get going and youll understand a little more. 

This week we had a multizona. We went to the chapel next door to the temple and had a cool meeting about planning, teaching, and inviting. We also all had to get a vaccine (flu shot) cause i think Sister Del Guerso is a little paranoid. She definitely wants us all healthy so thats good. That basically took up our whole day cause the rest of our appointments fell through..

The next day we got BURNED for our numbers. Like really just flamethrower status. And like.. its not really our fault. I feel like these missionaries who  have a lot of time on the mission already should know what they need to do and just do it. But apparently the fire has to keep going through us and to the others that we lead. So... we were suggested to pray a lot and ask the lord what we should do. so we did that. The next 3 days we were praying really hard and asking for inspiration on what we could do for our zone. The prompting came to talk about planning so this week we are going to be right on top of everyone to make sure they are all planning well. 

Everyone is getting sick here. Like at least 4 of the 10 missionaries in my zone are basically fighting off death. its getting a little out of control but it was pday for a few of them this week. I dont like it when they have to stay home cause it makes it more likely that we get burned. but hey... faz parte haha.

This week m got in a fight with the man she is living with. he came home drunk and was saying stuff to her about how he doesnt want religion in his home.... so she is moving out. so that makes it so we can baptize her :) Whoooo!!!! This week we should be having a FHE with a 70. Elder Fernandes. should be chill.

Thats about it for this week. Thanks for the support and the love!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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