Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 29, 2015 she kissed our hands and some sweet pics

          Weeks cant go by faster

This week was really hard to keep going. like REALLY hard. Think of a time that no one ever wants to talk to you and put that as a week. Youll be in my area haha. We really had 5 lessons this week (which is bad) and we resorted to less active members. 

One of those lessons we were able to present the Book of Mormon to Mar and read a little with her. she doesnt know how to read. So we read with her. :)

Another one of those lessons was with Ros. She is 76 and knows how to read so we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved our visit. She even kissed our hands so take that! I have a 76 year old snake ;) But really she might be a golden. Just getting her to church will be a little hard haha. 

We had stake conference this weekend and Elder Fernandez of the seventy was there. He did a lot of burning. one of my favorite lines he said was while telling a story about the missionaries... "the missionaries were knocking doors, because the members didnt open their mouths." That really put my work into perspective and something i want to do more this week is ask for more help from the members. 
Another good line from conference was from a recent return missionary whose Mission President said this "You can go to heaven poor and stupid but you cant get in if youre not married." So.... thats just something to think about haha. 

today we went to 25 de março. Its like a strip mall of 2 million people. really the streets are packed and i went on a monday haha. I bought some ties, a memory card, and some brazil memories. so pretty cool stuff :) we also went to the tallest building in são paulo and met some colombians from florida haha. they work for delta so they went to rio to be tourists for free haha. lets see if i cant get some pictures....

thats all for this week! hope yours was better than mine.


Elder Sullivan

a cool sunset in a pink tree

the bank of são paulo

1/4 of the city. (the other 3/4 my camera couldnt get haha)

nothing better than coming home to a sweet dr. pepper :)

our friends :)

the building

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