Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July 28, 2015 NO WATER for 6 days! No showers, No flushing!

          Did you hear that? No more fresh water!

yup. we are goin on 6 days without water in my house. If you know what that means... 4 really smelly missionaries with a load of crap sitting in the toilet that we arent able to flush. Welcome to Brazil. We have been taking our precautions though.. all the doors stay close and when it rains... we go out with buckets and pan and cups and we harvest everything. Yes i have been taking a shower by rain water for the last 3 days. It was quite the idea though to go out and take advantage of the rain. we really enjoyed filling up all of our 2 liter bottles and being able to flush the toilet that one day. Remind me to show you videos here in 10 months haha. 

We had a confirmation this weekend of a recently baptized girl who was baptized the week before i got to this area. So that was fun and really spiritual. She has gone to church 3 times and will not leave the church for nothing according to her haha. That is what missionaries like to hear!

We taught a girl from russia this weekend too. She believes that maybe there is a God but really not in anything. just herself. So that was fun to teach a different culture and in english. We invited her to pray and ask if God is there. A pretty cool experience and any reason to teach in english ill take. church was cool cause i translated the classes for her. 

Thats all of interesting that happened this week. i hope you all had a good week too and that this next one can be even better! 

Elder Kyson Sullivan

On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 2:16 PM, <muddyjob> wrote:
Is everyone without water?
Can you fill up 2-liter bottles up at the church to flush your toilets with? And how about using the church bathrooms to do a sink bath? You do have a church there, don't you?

haha no it was just our house. it came back on tuesday though. so we are clean and the toilets are flushed. :)
ya we collected the rain that passed by our house and we flushed our toilets and we took showers with a cup.
we heat up the water on the stove and dump that water over our heads. haha.
ya we used the churches water a few times.

the church building here is one of the nicest ive been in btw... so yes we have a church haha.

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