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Aug 17, 2015 baptism!.

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         The end to a very long drought

BATISMO!!!!!! this week was pretty nuts. Josefa (our old lady that we were teaching) decided to follow the church of jesus christ. We talked with her on monday this week and she didnt seem very sure she wanted to keep getting the visits. We told her to pray pray pray and ask God. She did. On thursday when we went back she was waiting for us at the door and invited us in quickly. We thought she was going to cut us so we werent going to say anything about the prayer til after showing her the restoration video with Joseph Smith. But she surprised us saying that she had gotten her response and she will follow the church with all her faith. The baptism was planned for the 23. The next day we went over with a member and did the pre interview. She passed well. We had stake conference on the weekend and we just decided we´d throw her in with the other baptisms that were happening that day too. We had the interview before church, baptized her after and She was so so so so so happy. Like she said this is the happiest day of my life :) Super spiritual :)

Standby on news about a baptism in a river...

That was the biggest news we have this week. there are some other really good people that are still around but didnt go to church. they should be progressing but its harder to get them rolling than it was with josefa haha. 

We had stake conference and they said some cool things. One was if every member of the church brought 1 person every year for the next 9 years, and those people also brought 1 person to church as well, The world would be intirely full of members in 9 years. So take someone to church :) haha

another thing they said is that the members should be the planters of seeds and the missionaries are the reapers who come by and get them when they are ready. So start spreading your seeds! 

We had one of the best BBQ here for lunch yesterday. I ate SOOOO much meat and he had the best spicy sauce. Im not feeling too good today but it was definitely worth it haha :) 

Thats what went down this week and well see you next time!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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