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Aug 10, 2015 middle of winter and 85*F plus pictures

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remember its the middle of winter here. 

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 10:20 AM, <muddyjob> wrote:

can't complain about THAT weather, right?

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 10:21 AM, Koby Sullivan <> wrote:

 yes you can...i want the COLD!!!!!! the tie and pants make it a lot hotter. im a happy missionary when the sun goes down   :)

          Week of Divisions

This week was absolutely crazy for us and we had so many things we had to do and managed (i have no idea how) to do it all. Tuesday we started off our week with a leadership conference and that was way fun. President always has something cool to teach us. we learned a lot about how to lead of course but the part i liked most was the part where he said that if we dont get sealed we are denying the atonement. Christ died so we can have eternal life. part of that plan is to get sealed. So... Looks like im going to have to get sealed when i get home to accept the atonement haha.

our zone :)

that temple trip :)

We will be having Elder Anderson of the 12 apostles come to our mission on the 22. standby for more details :)

So like i said we had a ton of divisions this week. One of the assistants came to our area to do a "check up" to make sure we are doing a good work. haha. it lasted 2 days and it was nuts. We did so much work i was exhausted for the rest of the week. But i couldn't be. cause the same day we ended one with him i had to go with another elder in the zone so Elder Phair could do a baptismal interview. So i still had to set the example of how to work and go hard all day. Dont worry. cause that ended that night (we live in the same house). the next day was normalish to the point where we did quite a bit of work. But the day after we had to do one more interview so one more time we had to leave our area. This pday is well needed.

Our great LMA who went back to his mission and my companion too. Elder Phair

Pizza after the divison :)

A few cool people:

We have been teaching a few FAMILIES. yes a family!!!! i have always wanted to help a whole family go to church and not just one or 2 of them. So we are really focusing on teaching them and getting them to go to church. one is Osí and Kat. they have 3 daughters and 2 that can be baptized. they went to church on sunday and they loved it. We taught them the plan of salvation with the temples and they ate it up.  One reason we know that we are in the true church is because of temples. 

The other family is Isas. She also has 3 daughters and all 3 can be baptized. along with boyfriends and cousins that we have taught as well. They are all marked for baptism but just need the desire to fulfill it. Isabel already is baptized and helps us out a lot with our lessons. 

Last and not least we have Jose. We took isa^^^ with us and they were from the same church. Jose said she didnt like that church and isa helped so much in telling her to go to the church of jesus christ :)Yup. Love that lady! 

We are in the process of cutting those snakes. Its really hard to deny them appointments but we keep slipping out of there. She makes it really hard to know if she has interest or not.. 

Anyway have a good week. Paz no Senhor. (Peace in the Lord)

Elder Kyson Sullivan

a little of 25 de março

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