Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aug. 3, 2015 saving lives

          working the clean field (campo limpo)

This week was really cool and a lot happened so lets see if we cant get it all out right now.

Tuesday we had our district meeting and we applied the program of seis na sexta (six on friday) and that means that we do 30 contacts on wednesday and thursday and mark all the appointments for friday. then on friday we go and get all the new investigators and try to mark them for baptism. so 6 new people marked on friday. its pretty cool and it worked pretty well this week. we tried to get everyone happy and excited about doing it cause no one really was haha. 

Also on tuesday... our water came back :) :) gloria á Deus! haha

I had an exchange with an elder who was sent to the hospital. it was kinda nuts cause we thought he was going to die... but he didnt. he just had a sore throat. it took 200 ml of blood to test and an x ray and a pee test to tell him that. really they were just trying to get money out of our insurance so they did all the tests haha. 4 hours later we got out of there. 

Me and Elder Phair officially have what are called "snakes" (they say that in portuguese too). We have 2 investigators who love having us over to talk about the gospel and to just talk with us too. we are so creeped out by them its not even funny. Our plan: baptize and run. haha. They are super weird and we have to be more careful when we are around them now. but hey. we´ll have 2 baptisms easy on the 30th :) They came to church yesterday probably just to see us but thats alright with us cause they were there and they were learning. But yes... very creepy. 

This week we had some help from the Young Women to do some visiting. We went and visited an old lady named Jose. She is really strong in her church but really wants to get the holy ghost so we told her she could get it in our church. She is always super happy when we bring other people to come see her too. We recently baptized another lady from her church and she was saying that she was one of the firmest there. If we convert her... we convert the church. standby for the update on the church sign being removed ;)  anyway these YW are awesome! they offered their help to go and get Jose to show her how to get to church. They also brought another YW (who isnt baptized) to church too. Actually while they were with us we sent them out to do some contacts and they contacted this girl. They brought her to church too along with Jose. They really helped us a lot this week. 

I Really strengthed my testimony this week about how good God really is. Yesterday we had a family night in the house of a lady. She invited her neighbor over who isnt a member. He started crying and said his wife left him. She called us over immediately and we taught him about the atonement and the purpose of life. He was thinking a lot about taking his life but while we talked to him he was getting better. We took him over to the family night and he loved it. He went from such a sad man to a distracted sad man and we were able to help him be happy that night and feel the spirit. Yes.. God put us in that house at the right time. He could have lost his life. Now he has hope. We are going back on saturday. 

We have been finding a lot of really good people. Like really a lot. I love this area and the people here are fantastic. We are just looking for the right person to baptize in a river and a river to baptize them in haha.

should be a good week! hope yours is too!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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