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June 9, 2015 Zone Leadership in Caucaia and good pics

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So this week we had.. 2 transfers. We got Elder Bingham who is from cali and Elder Jeronymo went home to prepare for his real mission. So thats fun. we have 3 americans in the same house. so thats chill. I mean its a lot of english but dont tell president ;)

A little about our investigators. 1 is a woman named Fab. She was a jehovas witness (i took her "bible" from her) but the rest of her family is Mormon less active. So we are trying to reactivate the family and bring her with them. So thats fun. We spent a whole lesson clearing up that Jehova is Jesus and that God is Heavenly father. Freaking apostate JW´s. 

the other one is Ka and her husband Gi. Gi is still way interested in the gospel and is reading the BoM like crazy. Ka decided that she would listen to other people and look up the mormons online which is just fire. so we had a fun time clearing all that up too. luckily she didnt find anything too out of control on there. we are workin on their marraige and the hardest part is getting them to actually do it. they dont want to do it fast. they want to do it "just like its supposed to be" (direitinho"). So thats kinda annoying but they are really interested so we keep going back. 

We had an exchange this week and it was way nuts. this guy could take gold for speed walking and also mountain climbing cause this area was just done for. They had appointments all over the place so we had to basically run from one to the other and i was just dead the whole next day. They had an interview for a baptism and she passed so they were able to baptize :) that was really cool!

Yesterday i didnt email cause we were going to a Zone Leader training. usually its at the chapel next to the temple but this time they surprised us saying, "get to the mission office sunday night" so that we would sleep there. We left way early and went to the Sítio da Igreja. Or like the church forest. haha. but i was so happy cause it was out in Caucaia where i had spent 3 transfers. So i was really really really happy and way excited and i just loved all of it. we played some games and had some spiritual experiences. I´m pretty happy with how it all turned out. 

these 2 other guys are from my group in the MTC. We are all Zone Leaders now. yup. we rock.

Elders: Sullivan, Willden, Carr

(Mom's note: This is a picture from a year ago in the CTM.
Elders: Sullivan, Willden, ?, and Carr)

sisters who photo bomb...

our leadership meeting

my lunch. i dont have insta (instagram) so i guess it has to go here right? (churrasco with guaraná :) )

normal clothes + rice and beans = happy missionaries :) 

that brick thing is what you call a churrasqueiro. or like a grill. they put some special wood under it and they cook your meat. its pretty great :)

enjoying the sun :)

Elder B got emergency transfered so thats a really good thing. He was giving us a lot of problems and so finally he got out of this area. We are getting Elder Ccanto (yes with 2 c´s) today and he is cool. I've already lived with him in Caucaia and it was good. so it should be picking up here shortly. :) 

Yup so thats the week. It was full of happy experiences but im so dead tired from running around all week. i need some serious rest. 

your tired and first,
Elder Sullivan

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