Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015 chore charts in Brazil

          Downhill slope

Well.. this week i hit a year! yay! i celebrated with ice cream from burger king and it sucked... so i got an ice cream cone from McDonalds to make up for it. it was good :) 

Good news! we got our big boy pants back on and went back to ka's house to see what happened and why she didnt like church. she said we could come back and we chose the right night. we met her husband! If you know Jesse White he´d look small compared to this dude.

(Jesse's the one with the phone.)

He is MASSIVE. that is kinda funny cause his wife is really tiny. haha. Anyway we taught them and it was really good and he was really interested and will read the BoM and we are going back tomorrow. so it should be really good. We were able to get rid of a bunch of doubts and that helped a lot.

me and elder stanbury from england. our 5R$ of ice cream for  successful baptism interview :)

We also went to bishops storehouse and that was really neat. there are some really cool buildings that are in that part of town and its also outside of our mission boundaries so that makes it even more fun :)

welcome to são paulo...

a sick bridge with a cool support system.

this is gonna be a mono rail. its pretty sick. 

We have a less active family and they have quite a few arguements about cleaning. so... i took my childhood experiences and i took my moms weekly cleaning assignment calendar and put it into effect with this family. when i went back everything was clean and this mom was really happy and even made us dinner for this list to work out so well. Yup mom. it even works in brazil! :)

This week is transfers and i will be staying one more with Elder Williams. it will make it 15 weeks that i will be with him. but hes american so its chill. 

loves and hugs,
Elder Kyson Sullivan

The Zone!

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