Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 25, 2015 prayed for a miracle contact

         back to square one.

So.... Weve got some sad news....

after a whole day of planning on marking a wedding and trying to contact Ka she told us that she liked her church better. Its the Bola de Neve. translating to the snow ball. It has a surf board as a pulpit and is based off of regae. really dumb. so she wont get married now. we have cut her and she cut us.... so there goes our only person in this area. we have moved our focus to less actives and recent converts. the saving part of missionary work haha. oh and by the way this area hasnt baptized for over 7 months...

On friday we were invited to paint a house. that was well needed service project and normal clothes helped us keep going. 

On saturday we were really sad. a lot of our appointments have fallen through but we were still walking. following our plan and doing the things like we always do. At about 6:30 our DL called us and asked us if we were alright. i said our day was crap but we were still going. He invited us to say a prayer. So we did and we asked for a miracle. When we did this we went inside our next 2 lessons and taught them both! we even got them marked for baptism which we thought probably wouldnt have happened. 

We took an investigator to church. she wont progress but she went. she gives us lots of references cause she talks to all her neighbors about us so we get into a lot of houses cause of her :)

Thats about all that happened this week. it really sucked for the first part but in the end it all turned out fine. just goes to show that the lord blesses with the miracle after you have done all that you can huh? :)

anyway have a good week! love you all!
Elder Kyson Sullivan

a little of my area. it goes back a lot more than this. this is at the train station. pretty legit stuff :)

This is Kyson's cheer team. A lot of the ones he cheered with are graduating! :(
He will miss them.

This is the press box at Utah State that is getting torn down. So many changes happening right now that will rock Kyson's world when he gets back!

One of Kyson's good friends, Shiloh,  from the cheer team got married!
This stuff makes Kyson happy!

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