Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 skyped with family and Koby

          Mothers Day / 50 Weeks

Well i hope you all had a great mothers day. I did for sure. it was so nice to be able to see my family and get to talk for them for a little time.

This week... well. Eh it had its ups and downs. 

It started with a leadership councel and going to the temple on tuesday. That was really good and really spiritual and im learning how to be a better leader. We have a couple things going on this month that should be pretty cool. First President challenged us to baptize one person for every missionary. and if you wont get that chance then you should be able to participate in teaching and helping someone who will be baptized. The second thing is that this month is the month of consegration. so we are giving all our time, efforts, and talents to the lord. President said that we dont live by the law of tithing so we have to live by some sort of law.. which is the law of consagration haha. So on pday we stay home and clean and update the area book and we dont leave our areas. a little different but it makes my job a little easier haha.

The next day we had a surprise exchange. Elder Nissenin who is a secretary came with us and helped us out a little. he trained us how to make trainings and that was pretty helpful considering i havent done much of that. 

Also we have a pretty awesome Elder here. Elder Jeronymo. who is a short time missionary. Just for this transfer. We had this broken shower for over 6 weeks. He got the part we needed and fixed it really fast. we now have hot ish showers from a shower head and not a pipe in the wall. this guy is awesome! (all showers have gone from 5 minutes to 15 -20 haha)

We are having a really hard time connecting with the members here for some reason. I dont know why but we are trying to be friends with them and they are a little shut off to us. So we made a family night calendar for this month. weve had a few people sign up so we can get to know them and also so we can teach them and their friends. We have a few activities that would be cool but if you guys have any others id love to hear them. 

Also on mothers day we went to craigs house. he is that american guy i think ive mentioned before. He made us chicken bbq pizza. that was freaking amazing. that is something that  you dont find here in brazil. i think its pretty safe to say you dont find that south of america haha. 

The area is hard. really hard. hardest that ive had. im having a hard time staying motivated to keep going and its all just tearing pretty hard on me. On top of having to be  a leader and be an example and have an example area its not working out too well. We have 2 investigators that are doing anything to learn more and they will still take a lot of work til they can be baptized.

This week was a good week but on the work end it was just crap. we didnt have very good numbers and even though we tried it looked like we didnt work at all. 

with love,
Elder Sullivan

skype time!

This sign that says: "não alimente o macaco" means dont feed the monkey. we didnt see a monkey... so we made one. thanks elder Williams haha

This is Elder Jeronymo. He is the best! Also my cool guitar. my fingers hurt all the time cause i play so much at night and in the morning.

this cat... i just couldnt help but laugh.. hahahaha i had to get a picture haha.


This is before Kyson got on Skype with us and Koby.

All of Koby's roommates that passed by the computer would stop and count the heads on the screen. Other countries don't have such big families as we do in the US.

An inside joke is Section 139 of D&C that has not been translated into Portuguese yet. That's why American's have more than 4 kids and Brasilian's don't. Section 139 tells you to have more than 4 kids. lol

In this picture, Carl is talking on the phone with Kyson while he tries to figure out his password to get onto Skype with us. Carl got a phone call from Florida, but answered it anyway. It was Kyson calling on an American's cell phone he had gotten in LA before he moved to Brazil with his Brasilian wife and baby.

They finally get to see each other and exchange greetings in Portuguese.

Kyson is showing us the view from the 16th story he is on. He is trying to let us see the lightning.

The zone leader, Kyson, had to take several phone calls while we were on our Skype call...


Kyson's host gave him the same candy that I got today from church...

Brady Bunch!

Kyson needs to know if that's a bald spot.
No, it's blonde hair and is invisible when it is short.

Chicken BBQ pizza.
He turned off the video while he ate it, but he ate his chocolate cake in front of all of us!!!!!

Kyson says he will be home before the next Mother's Day,
and Koby says he will be home 3 days AFTER Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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