Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 Been in Brazil almost a year!

          Week 51 

Well.. im coming up on being a year here in brazil. its kinda weird to think that its been so long away that it doesnt really feel real. 

this week picked up a ton from the last one. we found a bunch of people to teach and we are hoping that a few will be good and that we can progress with them. 

Kari is doing really good. she went to church this week and really enjoyed it. she said next week she wanted her family to go with her :) so that should be pretty chill. we are going to mark her wedding on wednesday so i hope everything runs smoothly.

One day we took a member over to her house and she basically taught the lesson herself. the spirit was really strong and she had a friend the whole day in church. she even participated in the classes. She really is pretty special to us. 

One day we challenged our zone to a double rainbow day. that means that you do 30 contacts that day. Our numbers were pretty weak but ya after that day everyone did it so we got back on track :)

One day we had a family home evening and we made a scripture puzzle from scripture mastery where you have to put the words in the right spot and make the scripture. then we talked about this scripture and how it applies to our lives. it was pretty cool :)

oh and this week someone made us fried chicken. tasted like bacon but it was some of the most delicious food ive had :) 

weve taught a lot this week and set up this week to be equally as good. i sure hope so! :)

have a good week everyone! até próximo!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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