Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept. 29, 2014

Transfer and baptism

This week was really good! We had a lot of good lessons and gained a lot of new investigators! Our days are always really full and president decided to do something about it

The Split:
He talked with bishop about having 2 companionships in the area. He though it would be a good idea. So... we prepared to recieve 2 more people into our house. Got rid of a bunch of stuff and still are working on this. We got bunk beds, new mattresses and new tables for them. Our house really isnt all that big so this will be interesting having a ton of people here. They asked us to divide the area.

The division:
We took the map and looked at it and we had to choose a main road to split it. Well... We really only worked on one side of the road called Imirim so we split it there. What i didnt know before was that I get to choose what side I stay on! We have a ton of investigators on one side (closer to the house) and the other side we have a ton of members. I chose to stay with the investigators cause that change in missionaries would throw them off way bad. 

The Transfer: 
So i am staying here in Chora Menino and E. Cinezio will go to another area close to the temple. I am the only one in the area who knows where to go for 3 other elders. So basically im responsible for guiding everyone. Should be good :) My new companion is Elder R. Santos. I havent gotten him yet but they tell you on the phone. Tomorrow is the transfer so we will see how he is. 

We had a baptism yesterday! His name is Fabio! he was introduced into the church by his girlfriend and has been investigating the church for 6 years and never recieved the missionaries until us. We went and taught a lesson. marked an interview. He was baptized that Sunday. This is a pic of him and his family and us :) Whats super cute is that they plan on waiting to get married in the temple to have an eternal family together. The baptism was super spiritual!

His girlfriend's father baptized him. Her mother and brother were also there.

Thats about it for this week! We were close to having 3 other baptisms. They had interviews and passed but didnt come to church. They showed up at the end saying that they had been lost. Which doesnt make sense cuz they have been there lots of times. Silly family. But they have been investigating for 9 months with the missionaries and this happened once before when they had an interview and went on vacation the weekend of the baptism. So really they are just running away from us. 

Yeah. Good week and I'm really excited for this transfer! The work is moving and im teaching lots! Which is way good! :) Boa Semana para todos!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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