Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept. 8, 2014

Jaragua & fun:

This week was good! we found a lot of new investigators and served a lot this week! A couple high lights cause i dont have a lot of time.

Today we went to Jaraguà. the highest point in São Paulo. This city is bigger than i had imagined. pics to come next week. we hiked around and found 2 different types of monkeys!!!! what are the odds?!

One day we painted for 9 hours. for service. It was really good and we got a lunch out of it haha ;) but the paint was really thick and formed really cool to the house.

the next day we helped a member in her restaurant cause she had a doctors appointment that she needed to go to. that was fun running around and trying to get the stuff done. it was a little hard for me cause im still not fluent in portuguese but im working everyday to get better!

We had a mexican dessert on saturday. 10 R$ for 1. our bishop bought us each 2 haha. it was really good. it was like a creamsickle but with nutela in the center and banana on the outside. talk about a taste of heaven lol.


My district leader is pretty much a fubeca. Fubeca is an expression often used by missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which refers to a missionary who does not meet the designated rules and does not work right ( slacker)   Sleeps in a lot. bends the rules and does things that i question sometimes. but the thing that was really confusing for me was that we stayed in a members house for 3.5 hours. trust me i tried to leave and it just didnt work. ya its a little strange but im sticking to what i know is right.

Ive been having a little problem sleeping at night and its almost bad enough to call sister and ask for medicine. im trying a couple of other things that might help before i resort to that. 

Ya thats about it. we are moving the work here and getting the members involved. We are having a good time and joke a lot. Portuguese is coming slowly but surely and i understand the majority of what people are saying. im still a rookie but im a rookie thats trying. :) i have about 1 month left til i become senior comp in this area and maybe be a trainer (Pres talked to cinezio to say that he should train me to become a trainer in the future.. who knows when that is...). but ya its a grand time here in brasil!. 

I love you all and i will try to get some pics out.

Elder Sullivan

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