Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sept. 15 2014

Mole Curto

The word mole means soft. or in other words they dont keep promises or progress very well. Just not their time. Curto means cut. like... cut them off from discussions. We were way close this week to cut Ru but she came to all of church and felt the spirit strong. I see a baptism in her future :) We also marked to other moles for baptism called Miri and Adria. We are hoping that everything turns out as planned and  we dont need to cut them. Here in SP we have 90 degree winters.. If you dont like the cold learn Portuguese and come to Brazil haha. 

Something that has really made me mad is the guts some men have to create a church. and to preach by their understanding and not by God's. I have spent countless lessons trying to just solve what other people have put into our investigators minds. We try to explain it clearly and slowly enough that they can understand!

Tati is a recent convert and is really struggling in the church we spend a lot of time with her teaching and clarifying things. She wants to run rather than walk when it comes to learning. We take it slow and teach everything again. She doesnt have a background in the bible so we teach from there too.

We also witnessed an 11 year old throw a tantrum when we came to get him for church. His mom made him go cuz he promised us. That was fun :) 

Last thing! PEANUT BUTTER! A member got me 40 ounzes of PB for FREE!!!!!!! Ya im quite excited :) You dont know the missing I've had for this!!! It's skippy so its a good kind and extra crunchy. So it should be good! Its a little old but hey i~ll take what i can get! :)

Thats about all for today! I hope you are all doing well and having success in your trials! Remember to pray! ;)

Elder Sullivan

In the forest:

A monkey eating a cookie:

 The staircase to get to the highest point in Sao Paulo:

Representing his Peeps!

District temple day and party:
Kyson is right hand sid middle row.

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