Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4, 2014

I remember when i was first getting here and not believing i could continue on for another 6 weeks. It dragged. Well.... its over and i cant believe it haha.

Not a lot happened this week that was notable and worthy. Other than i got a hair cut... yay. 

We took a test on our language skills... i think i passed cuz they didnt send me home yet haha. Well thats basically it. OH! its 4th of july! And i could have been at a barbeque! haha jk I am enjoying it here and the lunch ladies are giving us a "american" meal today. We can hope its good! The food has been pretty good but dont trust the desserts... thats all for that. 

Sorry for the meshed up together (mom edited a lot of it) but my enter button isnt working today. 

So about grandma's passing. Thats super sad. President called us in and sat us down and told us that she had passed away. I'm glad that it was him that was able to tell me and not my next president cuz i dont know my other president like i know President Swenson. He is one powerful man and has been there when i grew the most. I was also way blessed to have Koby there with me. Man is that a blessing. At the time i didnt really have a testimony of the plan of salvation. But when President said how great is it that we know of the plan i got on it and studied like crazy. I now have a testimony of the plan and the happiness that grandma is in with her husband. I had a letter written to her but i never got it sent off. I'm kicking myself cuz of it but its all good. I'm glad that she was able to hear of my growth here. Thanks mom :) 

Something cool that happened about 1 hour after the news was we were in class and the teacher ( the next prophet ) was teaching us and he told us a story. He thought about not telling us though. He said that his president told him at his last interview before he went home to smile everyday. He got home Wednesday and his dad died on Friday. Super sad. I know he was prompted to tell me that when i needed it. So ...  smile everyday everyone :) 

Also we got new revelation. Brazil baptizes the most people every year. Sadly, only 4% stay active. So now we have new revelation. not sure if its for just Brazil or for the world. But we now teach all 5 lessons BEFORE and AFTER. not just 4 before. And we also stay in contact with the investigators for the next 3 or 4 months afterwards too. 

Alright I'm out of time. and thats really all that happened. 

I hope you didnt have a hard time decifering this haha. 

I have a testimony of this gospel and I know that God loves all of us and knows what we need when we need it! 

I love you all and thank you for the support you have been giving me. I can feel it all the way over here! 

Vai Brazil! 

Love, Elder Sullivan (Kyson)

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