Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Opa família e amigos. eu espera tudo é bem e vocês é feliz. 

So this week and a half were a little crazy cause of the WC. When i was still in the CTM there were about 6 Bolivians who ran into my room with a flag, radio and a lot of energy trying to watch the game from my window. They werent really invited they just did it haha. Pretty crazy how important futebol is down here. I was able to watch the game against Alemanha (germany) and that was great cause we lost 7-1 haha. The only game i got to watch lol. Everyone here now refers to me as the Alemão cause im white lol. Todos os pessoas, "hey alemão! como sentir ganhar? " muito engraçado. But germany won and now its over and now we can really get our proselyting going cause it was suffering cause of the games going on.

Before I left the CTM there was 8 hours of oreintation. All in portugues. I gave up after hour 3 and just nodded my head. I do that a lot out here in the field haha. I dont really understand a whole ton but i do understand the jist of what they are saying. Like if they are talking about food or cities or people but i dont really know all of what is happening. My portuguese is improving though. dia a dia. I am trying to do 15 words a day and i only speak portuguese all day so that comes pretty easy. The hardest part is subjunctive and sentence order.

I'm in Chora Menino which translates to crying boy.

My trainer is Elder Cinezzio (pictures to come hopefully next week). He is from Brazil and is 20 years old.
He knows how to do things like speak português. haha We have a lot of fun joking and learning. I am teaching him English as he helps me with Portuguese. A good little trade we have. He has been in the field for 3 months now so he is pretty new but he knows what he is doing. A lot of our talking is slow and he is always asking if i know what words mean. When i dont its either the dictionary or a game of charades or a really good description in words i do know. The only bad part of this is that we cant really do it in lessons. So a lot of lessons are nodding when he is nodding and laughing when other laugh haha. I see improvement though and i keep a prayer in my heart for understanding. 

So my first day in the field i unpacked a little. and we went to this ladies house. Her name is rute. (hoo-chi) we invited her to be baptized and she accepted. Way cool for day 1!

A couple days later we went and visited another pesquisador named "R". She is really sweet and is really interested in the church. She has a son and he is also investigating. On my 3rd visit to her we showed her a video of the atonement for missionary work. Which is mostly for missionaries but we showed her so she could better understand it. Its a compilation of 2 talks by Harrold B Eiring and Jeffrey R Holland. Very cool and spiritual. After the talks she said she wanted to be baptized on the 19. We were way shocked cause we didnt ask her. I know she is being taught by ther spirit.

This sunday i was asked to bear my testimony in church. That was fun and way sketch. I think the ward is accepting of me and I hope I can help them in anyway possible. Should be fun.

Every day we have lunch provided for us by a member. Its way nice. Lunch is the big meal here and ward members are nice to let us come join them. The food is way good. My favorite fruit so far is a mango. But there have been other close ones that are really strange and only found here..

I am out of time now but i want you to know of my love for you guys and my prayers are always for you!

I know this church is true and the lord watches out for his missionaries! 

Vai Brasil even though we suck now. and tchau!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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