Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Wooo! Today marks 2 months of being a missionary. Looking back i have come quite a ways. But looking ahead makes me excited. I cant wait to get this language down. to meet more people. to learn how to teach different types of people.

When we had reuniĆ£o de distrito a elder gave a talk about being a successful missionary that i liked a lot. My favorite line that he used was,"to be a successful missionary you do all you can do that day" people still have their agency and we arent here to force them, but to invite them. Like the BoM says in the introduction. We invite all men. I really enjoyed that and our week needed that too.

My 3 favorite books :)

We did all we could this week but our numbers dont really show it. The one that shows is 100 contacts this week!! which was our goal. One day we did a double rainbow. Which is what they call it when you do 30+ contacts in one day. This is funny cause of the youtube video of they guy who is high admiring a double rainbow. I had to explain this to my companion haha. 

So we have this new family. It started with one man. his name is "P". We visited his house and taught him a lesson. the next visit he wasnt there but his nephew answered the door and we talked with him. When we were leaving his mom was walking up the stairs to her apartment. Whe used to be a member when she was 9 but moved and stopped going. Her and her dad were baptized about 20 years ago. So now we are teaching her and her children, her dad, her brother and her sister. They all seem interested and im excited to see where it goes. We have only taught the restauration and the dad seemed to light up. Like he remembered the truth of our message. way cool! 

Sorry no pics yet. I need to get an adapter for my card. hopefully it will be soon. :)

Well, I think thats all for this week. fica em Deus. as all the people say here. 
Have a good week and thanks for the prayers and support!

Love ya!
Elder Sullivan

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