Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug 4, 2014

Hello everyone. 

This week was good. We had training for new missionaries. I thought was kinda a waste of time cuz we just contacted all day. I mean its important but we could have been in a home. It was still fun cuz we got a new companion and went and contacted but had to use a book of mormon in the contact so it kept it interresting. Next training we will have to mark a day for baptism! yikes!

We have 3 potential baptisms coming up. 
Tatiane. She is the neice of romenia and recently moved in with her so now we are teaching her too and everytime is a lesson with a member (cause of romenia :) ) She asked us when she could be baptized so she is ready ;)
Luccas. he is 11 years old and has been going to church with us for about 2 months. When they are younger we like to wait and make sure they will come to church and wont drop out. So he also asked us to baptize him. had an interview with his mom and she okayed it. 
And Rute. We have been working with her for a while and she just wont come to church consistantly. We have had a couple dates for her but it just isnt working. 

Now i am reading the BOM with the LDM to try to perfect my language. The work is moving slowly haha. But i can see improvement in my speaking. Still rely heavily on the spirit to help the people understand :)

My body knows its time for cheer season to start. Its craving really bad right now and im trying to keep it under control haha. 

Inverno or Winter here is like Summer. so.. Im not excited for summer haha. 

Sorry its not super long but its basically the same thing everyweek. Foods good. People are nice most of the time, and the walking just keeps going. Thanks for the prayers and support and until next week!

Elder Sullivan (the better looking one)

Ok i have a little more time so i will continue on. I thought that I didnt have more time. 

So today we went to 25 de março.  Look up that street. Its always packed and everyone is selling anything you could want. Well except Dr. Pepper. haha. I bought a universal charger there for 5 dollars and today bought a usb card reader for 4. Like way cheap. But the street is packed. Think of black friday in Walmart then add a bunch of frightened chickens and maybe some fireworks and homeless people and you have 25 do Marco haha. 

Sorry I dont have a lot of photos. My computer doesnt have a usb port and I have to sit next to my companion. His does and he tried to send me a few and they arent the good ones so hopefully next week we will have better success with it. 

So I´ve been asked by multiple people if we have a class of English. Well we dont yet and im working on making a class. Right now its going to be 1 night a week and hopefully get more people into the church and find more people to teach. 

Well thats time. 

for reals,

Elder Sullivan

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