Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 25, 2014

Uma Eventful Semana!

Oi familia e amigos!
this week was a little crazy and a lot of stuff happened thats new and exciting so... here we go.

Our house is finally done being painted! it looks brand new! after it was done we reorganized everything and it looks totally different. Well. exciting news. Presidente wanted to come look at it. and he didnt ask us until 3 in the afternoon that day. well unfortunately we were already working (and were in a lesson when he called so thats good). So it was a nice test of our daily cleanliness. i was happy that i had made my bed and organized my desk before i left. Well. He still wasnt happy with us. we have some pretty old tables and 2 fridges and 2 stoves and 1 of each dont work. we also have every liahona from 1980 in our house and it looked really bad. We also have sofas instead of chairs so all of this stuff now is being taken care of but he got pretty mad at us for not telling him about it sooner. We dont really know any better cuz we are both new and everyone elses houses are a disaster. We are probably the cleanest in our district. So ya that was great lol

We had a recent convert show us an anti mormon video today. kinda shook me a little but i was able to answer the questions she had about this video. Some parts were so funny like they said that Joseph smith was our Jesus and would be at the judgement seat with God and Jesus Christ. Others were a little more sketch and ill save you from having the same experience i did. But this is one of the worst things that can happen. Have a recent convert watch something like this is just really bad. I´m glad she told us about it and that we were able to help her. Im not happy cuz i had to watch it lol.

We also had Noite cultural. Or cultural night. It was good and talked a lot about geneology and was way good minus the part where the old dude talked forever. Every family brought a plate of food that represented their family. that was fun to try all sorts of different food. some was way good and the others were... well different haha. But this best part about the night was that people brought their friends and were able to meet us and we now have new investigators and people to visit them with me :) 

We participated in the choir and thats always fun. They want a lot of our time though and im thinking that its not going to be worth it to do it again. we sang at ward conference that was yesterday. It was fun to meet the stake presidency and hear their message (which was on missionary work and bringing one new friend to the missionaries every trimester. which is really good news for us cause thats more people that we get to teach :) ) But the thing that was crazy was Presidente Del Guerso also showed up and was able to see our investigators and recent converts and see the work in the ward. he is thinking about putting 2 duples in the ward and sharing our small house with 4 people haha. Pretty crazy. Whats funny is the only thing that presidente said to me was, "hows the language coming?" everything else was directed to Elder Cinezzio haha.

Well that was this week! Até próximo! 

com amor,

Élder Kyson Sullivan

I found pictures on the mission facebook page today. These are from the day he left the CTM:

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