Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27, 2014

So i've hit the month mark and i feel like its the 2nd week. I was told it goes by exponentially but i didnt believe them. haha.
I played the piano on Sunday and it was sketch but i got people singing and thats all that matters right? haha. I also blessed the sacrament which was fun cause its in Portuguese and you dont want to mess it up haha. Elder Willden is now our district leader and we are all doing well.
One of the hardest parts of being in the MTC is having all of your friends leave you. We meet a lot of good Brasileiros and they are only here for 2 weeks. Its a sad time when they leave but the new ones that just arrived are going to my same mission so that pretty exciting :)
Oh and i was asked to play the piano for the next group of people leaving when they do their choir thing on Sunday. Still dont know what song haha. Silly hispanicos
Alright so on wednesday there were some other silly hispanicos who were having a pushup contest. Well my companion volunteered me to go against this other hispanic (at night time) well he didnt have a shirt on and looked huge. I was wearing my gymnastics shirt and representing.  We both started and he was done at 79.. I did 109 and showed them that america is the best ;) Only joking :) but im soooooo sore. like im still sore! to where it hurts to move and stuff. My companions used to call me Sully like on monsters inc. (all the Brazillians do) and this week they changed it to swolly so i guess thats cool :)
(Mom's note: I looked up what swolly was on google, and it had this swolly mammoth with all these muscles. I think that is what the reference to swolly is.)

A few things from devotionals this week. We get them broadcast and we heard from 2 apostles this week.
Elder Ballard: The gospel is the most important news we can talk about in this noisy world.
Elder Christofferson - live:
No one should feel like repentance is futile.
Doing great work makes you great but do so by making yourself the least.
You have never talked to a mere mortal - only potential gods and goddesses.
The savior LIKES me and knows me. (made me think that he is my BEST friend and i was able to relate better.
They were both way good and you can probably tell which was my favorite. :)
I've been praying for gma myrtle too. I dont know why but i felt like i needed to. Well there is my answer haha. Thats a good way of knowing i have the spirit :)
Koby is blonde as ever and his companions love it haha. We see each other at night mostly and not a lot during the day but he is doing a lot better than what he used to.
Language is coming. Im starting to plateau but i know when i hit the field it will be crazy improvement.
I want to thank you for the support and love i've felt since being out here. i can feel your prayers and your love.
Elder Sullivan

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