Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6, 2014

June 6  
(mother's side note: the shift key is really small
and way over in the corner of the keyboard of 
their computer in the MTC, so there's not a lot 
of capitalizing. Mom has fixed as much as she cares to.)

Oi familia e amigos
O ctm es bom. Eu aprendo muito portugues no rapido. Nos aprendemos encinar lições e oramos e fallamos português. Muito loco esse estou no brasil.

{google translation (hi loved ones the mtc is good. I learn very quickly in Portuguese. lessons learned in encinar and pray and Portuguese fallamos. I'm in Brazil)}
For sake of time the rest will be in english. So the ctm is a lot like the prison. A lot of rules in bed at a certain time and they wont let you outside the gates unless its your pday. But its ok cuz the spirit is here and god is on our side.
I am trying to follow the rules with exactness like it says in alma 57,21. Right now Im in a trio and its hard. At first it was good but now i am having a hard time with them. They like to be rebels and not really that into the rules. They look most forward to p day which is great but really distracting. We have fun and laugh a lot.. .maybe too much but its good.

Right now im in 3 nephi reading about christ its the greatest. We went to the temple today and it was so good. Its about an hour drive but they send us out there on tour bus that have reclining seats and its so great.
We have brazillians in our room and they are helping us speak our portuguese. They are very helpful. The latinos on the other hand... they just confuse us cuz we dont know if they are speaking portuguese or spanish haha. Im learning fast and praying hard everyday. A lot of time in portuguese.
I shared my testimony on sunday. i found moms note and ya i started bawling. I didnt even find it til sunday and it was right when i needed it. I shared a paragraph out of it and was bawling the whole time. The mission presidents wife said that she wrote my testimony down and really enjoyed it so i guess it was good.
The food is good for the most part. I try everything and am finding out what i dont like. You can count on one thing though.. rice and beans. muito bom ;).
We had a devocional on tuesday and it was about being representatives of jesus christ and how thats how everyone sees us. I will try my hardest to act like Jesus is my companion and is always next to me and helping me along the way.
Thats all for this week. Love you guys with all my heart and miss you lots.
Elder Sullivan.
ps the teachers only speak portuguese. thats one way to do it i guess haha

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