Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept. 14, 2015 another baptism

          One more? why not? (baptism)

This week we finished out the family that we were working with. Francielle joined the rest of the family in getting baptized on saturday :) Pretty awesome! The baptismal service was good. we tried singing again but it didnt have the same effect. (She asked us to. we arent that big headed haha) anyway.. cool week.

On tuesday we had our PDAY. it really wasnt that great but we went to the MTC to be a part of a broadcast to all of brazil made by the brazil presdiency and they wanted a lot of missionaries there. so We went and they just talked to potential missionaries and was a waste of our time. we spent the whole day there and on buses. Super boring...

We are working with one more family that should be getting baptized here shortly. Their names are lil and Jos. José is 9 years old and lil is his mom. We have been teaching them since my first week here and we have helped her get over her depression. well.. make progress at least. She is reading the BoM and the gosple principles book. She always has a good question and i think we are getting to the end of all of them. We want to baptize her in a river.... lets try to find a clean one right? haha

this is a picture of a dog in a river. looks like he is bloated. we thought about doing it in this river but decided otherwise. oh and by the way in this river we have found many things. a TV, a bucket, lots of soda bottles. i think i saw part of a dresser floating by one day too. pretty cool stuff here :) 

anyway so we may need to go out quite a bit to find a river that is clean... but we´ll keep looking. 

We went to a park today to play basketball and volleyball. i practiced tumbling a bit cause its been about 6 months since ive tried and i was able to do a standing tuck and a Round Off 3x BackHandSprings back tuck. im so happy i havent lost it. even though im a little fat. ;)

anyway have a good week. we´ll talk again here in 7. 
Elder Kyson Sullivan

pics of the Baptism!

Clima Local
Taboao Da Serra, Sao Paulo

Temperatura Atual: 68°F 20°C 
Set 14
Set 15
Set 16
Set 17
Set 18

today has been a blessing :) the end of this week will suck.... 

some birds that attacked us for getting too close to their babies...... at the park today

thats an owl. not something you would see every day haha

this rain sure made it hard to work this week. but São Paulo sure is needing it. 

my companion with a puppy :)

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