Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aug. 31, 2015 we killed the record

         Weather from satan.

Not super excited for summer to come around.

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         1 year a bit.

This week was pretty chill. We didnt really have a lot of success during the week until about friday when we went to do contacts at the temple. We have a contest to see who can get more addresses during the 10-5 time period we have. the record was 148. we destroyed it with 195. I was going crazy and gettin everyones addresses and their neighbors and all the other people they know. It was fun. but after trying to convince over 173 people myself my voice couldnt take it anymore. this picture is sent to the whole mission. :) 

We had a lot of people come to church this week! 7!!!!  3 - 5 are thinking of getting wet on sunday :) we just have to keep praying!!! Super cool to see these people progressing. One of the ladies (Katia) got her response at church and came over to us and told us that she wants to get baptized. she has 2 other daughter and 2 sisters that also can be baptized. we are working with all of them. Super cool that they are ready :) 

thats all for this week! thanks for the support and the love!

Elder Kyson Sullivan

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